JCPSA - who are we?

We specialise in new , second hand, refurbished site accommodation we also over conversion services. Our offer includes units from a small containers to modular building complexes for offices, canteens, toilets, shower blocks and other types of single and modular buildings. We are very flexible with our constructions. We can produce any sort of unit for your purpose. We have 10 years of experience in construction and selling portable site accommodation units. We deliver and install all our products. Our business model is to provide the high quality tailor-made accommodation units in competitive prices. We can modify any unit depending of customer's needs. What our competitors find difficult, we are more happy to tackle with. We are experts and we believe the real value is everywhere. We are just one of the sparse ones who can spot the opportunity and bring the improved value to the customer. We can compete with any local company by building, improving and delivering the ideal units whilst providing value for money to suit any budget. We have already sold over 5000 units to our satisfied customers.

We are located in Chichester in Springfield Lorry Park. We supply our products from 2011.

Our products

Marketing units

Marketing unit is a perfect and smart solution to show customers your offer anywhere you want. Built of glass and modern structure looks attractive and markets your products in a clear way.

Office units

Site office units we offer are probably the best way to organise your office in any place. It may consist of everything you need in a standard office, including furniture, carpets, toilets and of course doors and windows.

Antivandal units

Antivandal cabins are designed as a fully secure units. They are made of hard steel. Doors and windows are also secured by stout steel covers which are designed to defeat unauthorized entries.

Storage containers

Storage containers are very popular units which guarantee secure storing of any sort of items. Big advantage of these units is internal space.

Toilet and shower units

We produce toilet and shower units for both general and industrial use. We can also add a toilet section to the regular unit in a competitive price.

Mobile units

Mobile cabins are prepared for constant moving. It's the ideal solution for places where an access is temporary. It can be easily affiliated to any sort of vehicle.

Modular buildings

Modular buildings are mainly used for the companies which rapidly expand or looking for more cost-effective solutions for their offices. We produce units which can match any sort of environment or the corporate branding.

Security fencing

Our Fencing can be used on construction sites, mass events for the security, separate and dispatch purposes.

Chemical and mains loos

Apart from the standard accommodation and toilets units our offer also contains chemical and mains loos.

Jackleg units

Jackleg building is a unit which construction contains a special steel legs. This allows the unit to be placed onto almost any hard surface, and easily craned in or out of position.


We are a group of skilled individuals who believe the real value is customers' satisfaction. We are also proud to be members of MPBA.
We are not anonymous :) Our photos are coming soon.


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