The World said STOP and CHECK

20 March 2020

I wondered for a long time whether to write what I really think and feel. But creating ideas such as "Living Without Limits" obliges to something.

Beloved, the time has come, an hour "S", the time when the world said STOP and I CHECK. For many years we have lived in real prosperity, doing what we want and how we want. We visited the farthest corners of the earth, tasted life and other cultures. Now suddenly the world has stopped and said STOP - stop dear man.

For several days I have been observing the height of fear. Today a few people queued up at the ATM, and the waiting people began to expose their frustration after older lady did hundred transactions in a row. A moment later, some lady pushed the child in the race to the till. We live in a time when various secretive, not always pleasant instincts come out of us. And maybe the world is telling you - Stop, stop and think about whether you want to live like that?

Global consumption is intertwined with total poverty in the world.

The desire to control the individual prevails over humanity.

For years we have been running, operating everything that was around, chasing something that would give us happiness. Another title, another zero on the account, another car, but the more we had, the more happiness was moving away on the horizon

It is a best time to stop. The moment when we can release powerful layers of fear and move on to something new, beautiful and fascinating.

Fear as an emotion is accumulated for years in the body, in our cells, because no one taught us how to release it. In our individual form, we collect our personal luggage, but we are also a sum - a collective that has accumulated a common burden. When fear occurs - don't stop it. Survive it, express it and let go seeing it disappear from your life.

Am I scared No, though many of those I know are terrified. I love changes. Do I worry about relatives? Very, but I also know that everything that happens to us it happens for a reason not because of a good or back luck

The new reality is challenging. But you are not alone with this.

Whatever you think or feel now - everything will be fine.

It will be wonderful! I just know it.

Hugs and take care of yourself