20ft x 8ft AV Site Office / Canteen 19404

unit number: 19404

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20ft x 8ft AV Site Office 19404

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19404 20ft x 8ft Canteen Assessment sheet

Size (L x W x H) i
Length x Width x Height
20ft X 8ft X 8ft
Max dimension i
Maximum external dimension (e.g. including legs, pipes, facade/cladding, AC units)
(Length x Width x Height)
20ft X 8ft X 8ft
Specification Anti-Vandal
Colour White
Windows 1 no 900 x 900 + 1 no High level
Doors 1 no 875 x 2125
Roof insulation Yes
Wall insulation Yes
Lifting • Lifting Eye Top
Keys Yes
Rooms 1 Open Plan
Floor finish HD Vinyl
Wall finish Vinyl Faced Plasterboard
Kitchen unit Yes
Water heater
Power in • 32A power plug
Consumer unit Yes
Lighting • LED panel light
Number of lights 2
Number of sockets 2
Number of switches 1
Heating • Convector heater
Number of heaters 1
General external condition Fair
Overal external assessment summary Fair Condition
General internal condition Fair
Overal internal assessment summary Fair Unit

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