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Durable Portable Toilet Blocks For the Construction Industry

JCPSA delivers high-quality, customised portable toilet blocks to meet the unique needs of your construction site. Our clean, comfortable, and fully equipped restroom facilities will offer reliable performance across sites, optimised for long-term use. With over a decade of experience providing portable sanitation solutions, JCPSA has the expertise to handle your site’s specific constraints.

Inadequate Sanitation Affects Productivity

Without clean, easily accessible toilet facilities, work grinds to a halt as workers constantly search for a place to relieve themselves, causing morale and efficiency to plummet. Finding suitable portable toilets brings its own frustrations: units may be unavailable on short notice, or unable to reach remote sites.

Once in place, flimsy models break down regularly, while cramped stalls lead to unsanitary conditions. Maintenance and waste removal are also a perpetual struggle. The result is an endless distraction for managers and lost productivity for crews. With JCPSA’s portable toilet blocks, construction firms can end sanitation strains and focus on the work at hand.

8ft x 5ft 1+1 Toilet Block

This brand-new single-stall toilet block provides a high-quality restroom. It has a durable chequer plate floor, LED strip lighting, electric heaters, exhaust fans, water heaters, mirrors and a consumer unit. The insulated panel walls create a comfortable interior. With modern fixtures, this block offers a professional and hygienic portable toilet facility.

8ft x 5ft 1+1 Male & Female Toilet Block

Serving both men and women, this new build has separate stall sections. The chequer plate flooring withstands heavy use. LED lights, electric heaters, fans, water heaters and mirrors equip the functional interior. Insulated panels keep the unit comfortable in all weather. This dual-section portable toilet facility efficiently serves a mixed workforce.

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Professional, Hygienic Facilities

Our toilet blocks offer modern amenities you’ll find in commercial restrooms: well-lit interiors, powerful flush toilets and easy-to-clean surfaces to maintain a professional, welcoming environment. Multiple private stalls prevent crowding and allow quick access. Hand sanitiser, toilet paper and soap dispensers can be included so employees can follow proper hygiene practices.

Built to Withstand Construction Sites

JCPSA’s portable toilet blocks are engineered for resilience. The sturdy steel frames and durable external composite panels withstand harsh weather and intensive use. Their heavy-duty construction stands up to wind, rain and challenging environments so your toilets stay functioning in any conditions.

Customisable portable toilet blocks

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Ready for Use Across Multiple Sites

Our portable toilet blocks provide ultimate convenience with quick relocation. The self-contained all-in-one units don’t require complex installations. Easily adjust the placement as the project evolves or different areas need facilities. For multi-site companies, blocks can be shifted between locations as needed to meet changing demands. Avoid the costs and hassle of having permanent bathrooms fixed in place on your site.

Cost-Effective Toilet Solutions

Eliminate the excessive costs of constructing permanent toilet facilities. Our portable toilet blocks provide complete, hygienic restrooms for a fraction of the price, giving you the essential amenities you need with the flexibility to relocate units as your project evolves. Quality materials and expert workmanship ensure maximum durability and value for your investment.

Rapid Delivery and Setup

Our logistics experts coordinate quick, efficient delivery and installation. We have a range of new and used units, and can rapidly produce more with our turnkey online construction. With quick nationwide delivery and installation, we can therefore ensure your construction timeline won’t be stalled while you wait for unit delivery and coordination.

Quality Used Toilet Blocks

For construction firms looking to minimise costs, JCPSA’s selection of sturdy, pre-owned portable toilet blocks offers an affordable sanitation solution. These blocks have been carefully inspected by our experts to ensure maximum longevity even when under heavy site use.

The frames and components are structurally sound and any required refurbishments are completed to provide a clean, professional appearance. With lower upfront investment compared to new units, used blocks empower companies to provide robust bathroom facilities within tight budget constraints.

Toilet / Shower units

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Nathan and the team were excellent from start to finish. Very professional and easy to deal with. Excellent customer service. Great haulage team. I would highly recommend them.


Our Straightforward Service

At JCPSA, we offer a combination of standard designs and bespoke solutions to meet the diverse needs of construction companies. Our standard designs provide a solid foundation, optimised for functionality and efficiency, while our bespoke options are there for teams looking to cater to their specific needs, whether that’s in terms of features or dimensions.

As an end-to-end provider, we handle the entire construction process in-house, from design to manufacturing. This structure allows us to maintain control over quality and streamline operations, resulting in exceptional portable toilet blocks that meet our stringent standards while maintaining a cost-effective price.

With our nationwide delivery and installation capabilities, we can deliver your new toilet block to your construction site across the UK, providing you with the professional and customised toilet solution you need.

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Get the Ideal Toilets for Your Construction Site Today

With over a decade of experience providing customised, high-quality portable toilet blocks, JCPSA has the expertise to solve your construction site’s sanitation needs. Don’t settle for subpar rental units or unsanitary site conditions. Contact our team today to discuss your unique requirements. Browse our wide selection of sturdy new and used blocks, or fill out our form below to request a personalised quote for your next construction project.

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New units

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Used units