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Customisable Modular Buildings For Your Growing Business

Get high-quality, bespoke modular offices with fast manufacture, UK delivery, and installation for small to medium businesses.

New Modular Buildings for All Businesses

Do growth limitations have you feeling boxed in and claustrophobic? JCPSA’s new modular buildings are custom-designed to provide UK businesses with rapidly scalable, flexible workspaces ideal for evolving companies. Get a cost-effective modular office, sales suite, canteen or bespoke workspace delivered and installed in just weeks, avoiding disruptive construction delays.

With over a decade of experience and full in-house UK manufacturing capabilities, JCPSA offers new modular buildings of the highest quality. Contact us today to learn more about expanding your business with a customised new modular building catered to your specific needs.

Benefits Of JCPSA’s Modular Buildings

  • Affordable Scale Made Easy: Our new modular buildings start from just £20,000, providing cost-effective workspaces scaled to match even the most modest business budgets. Grow your business without overextending limited financial resources.
  • Expert Guidance: If you’re unsure what layout or specifications you need, our team can advise you on building dimensions and components to create offices aligned with your current needs and future goals.
  • Rapid Delivery and Installation: Our streamlined modular building process delivers ready-to-use workspaces in just 6-8 weeks. This swift turnaround gets your new office up and running quickly, minimising disruptions to business operations.
  • Built to Last for Decades: Our units are manufactured to serve businesses for decades with durable materials and careful design.
  • Manufactured From the Ground Up: We build everything ourselves at our Chichester site, including frames, allowing us to maintain a fantastic level of quality and performance.
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements: Are local requirements making you nervous? Lean on JCPSA’s modular building expertise to steer your office space through certification, permitting and inspection processes with full regulatory compliance.
  • Ongoing Support You Can Rely On: We stand behind our modular buildings with maintenance, quick issue resolution, and regular upkeep – providing you with peace of mind.

Modular Offices

JCPSA’s innovative new modular offices are produced off-site using state-of-the-art technology, then delivered and rapidly assembled on location as ready-to-use workspaces tailored to the needs of growing businesses. Expertly incorporating furnishings, power, water, and communications, our high-quality modular buildings create customisable permanent or interim offices, showrooms, and site solutions.

modular unit

Modular Building

Modular Marketing Suites

JCPSA constructs customisable new modular marketing suites for companies seeking professional yet practical client engagement spaces. Choose from standard or bespoke floor plans featuring glasswork, varied cladding, tailored interiors, integrated utilities and insulation. Our innovative manufacturing processes deliver these durable, striking showrooms rapidly to enhance your brand.

Modular Canteens

JCPSA’s innovative manufacturing processes produce sturdy, customisable new modular canteens delivered UK-wide, integrating essential cooking and plumbing capabilities into adaptable spaces purpose-built to uplift employee morale. Choose between our precision-engineered high-specification designs or cost-effective durable used units to create staff break areas built to last.


Our Swift, Upfront Process

We have a fantastic reputation with customers across UK industries, prioritising convenience and upfront communication in order to make the journey from consultation to installation as smooth as possible.

Working with JCPSA on a modular office is a seamless and efficient process. Here’s how we make it easy for businesses like yours:

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Friendly Consultation

Our team is ready to identify the perfect solution for your business, determining if a standard or custom design suits you best. We’ll collaborate on features, aesthetics, and size, providing a transparent quote for your new office.

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Swift Manufacture

After finalising your design, our expert team in Chichester will start manufacturing, ensuring efficiency and quality. Expect a rapid 6 to 8-week turnaround, far quicker than traditional construction.


Deliver and Install

When your modular office is ready, we’ll be able to organise delivery and installation for you. This will ensure that your new office is correctly installed, ready for you to start using it right away.

We’re The Modular Building People

JCPSA’s design expertise and advanced in-house production capabilities enable fully customised new modular buildings tailored to your unique specifications. Leverage our experienced team and specialised CNC machine to personalise dimensions, exterior panelling, interior layouts, and functionality for specialised spaces from the ground up aligned with your workspace vision.

Our investments in groundbreaking technology and team training reinforce an uncompromising commitment to quality, enabling us to deliver exceptionally durable and customisable structures built entirely in-house. JCPSA continues providing growing businesses with transparent consultation and support, developing lasting partnerships with clients.

We pride ourselves on honest and upfront communication with each customer, getting them the building that is right for their needs and budget, whether that’s one of our standard designs, a bespoke solution, or one of our range of used modular buildings.

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Your New Modular Building Awaits

Your company needs a workspace that empowers growth, not constraints chipping away at productive potential and profit. Contact our advisors today for a complimentary consultation addressing your needs. Discover firsthand how our modular buildings benefit UK companies through affordability and flexibility not available in a brick-and-mortar option. Complete our online enquiry to get started designing the workspace your evolving business deserves.

New units

New units

Used units

Used units