Seeking a customizable space solution for your specific needs? We are delighted to expand our offerings with Containex products. From modular cabins and specialized sanitation units to storage containers, we provide tailor-made solutions that align with your requirements. Whether you’re interested in acquiring a single unit or a complete modular complex, either for rent or purchase, we have been your trusted source for mobile space options for over 40 years.

In your quest for a flexible, tailor-made space solution, we are pleased to announce our extended range of products through our collaboration with Containex. Alongside our existing offerings, we now also provide Containex’s versatile product line, which includes Modular Buildings, Portable Office Containers, Portable Toilet and Sanitary Cabins, Office and Sanitary Boxes, Storage Containers, and Supplementary Cabin Types. These solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications such as Construction and Industry, Trade & Commerce, Local Authorities, Emergency & Disaster Relief Missions, and Events. Whether you are interested in a single unit or a full modular complex, available for rent or purchase, we have remained your trusted provider for mobile spatial solutions.

For additional information, bookings, or to discuss customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, we invite you to reach out to us. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in making the best choice for your mobile spatial requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Containex Products

Modular Building: Versatile Applications

Modular buildings span a wide range of applications, constructed by seamlessly combining individual cabin modules. These modules can be expanded and tailored at any time, offering a bespoke and adaptable solution to meet your unique requirements. Our modular buildings present the ideal answer to your temporary or permanent space needs.

Portable Office Containers

Explore the myriad possibilities of our portable cabins, serving as construction site offices, salesrooms, classrooms, communal spaces, and much more. Thanks to their flexible panel construction, these cabins can be custom-fitted to your precise specifications and swiftly delivered and assembled. Moreover, the flexibility of our panel system allows for seamless office extensions alongside conventional structures, seamlessly complementing any construction site.

Portable Toilet and Sanitary Cabins

Immaculate, adaptable, and ready for immediate use, our sanitary solutions uphold the highest standards of quality, hygiene, and cleanliness. Our sanitary and WC cabins offer user-friendly amenities with a supply of fresh water, avoiding the need for chemicals. Whether employed as a WC facility within a corporate compound or as a comprehensive sanitary station complete with showers for construction sites, your ideal solution awaits.

Storage Containers

If you require supplementary storage space, our storage containers offer a practical solution. Available in a variety of dimensions and designs, our storage and material containers can be seamlessly customized to your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide a selection of equipment options and accessories, ensuring that these containers align perfectly with your needs.

Office and Sanitary Modules

The compact and sturdy design of our office and sanitary modules enables their versatile application. These modules can serve as gatehouse cabins, ticket offices for events, or additional WC units on corporate premises, among other uses. Your requirements set the stage, and we deliver the fitting spatial solution.

Supplementary Module Types

In collaboration with you, we tailor the perfect modular building solution. Our supplementary module types, including terraces, internal staircases, external staircases, or corridor cabins, enhance functionality and expand the range of possibilities for your CONTAINEX modular building. All our modules can be customized and are available in a range of sizes, from 5′ to 30′ and beyond, allowing for versatile configurations to suit your needs.

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New units

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