Quality Modular Buildings in Sussex

Modular buildings offer a wealth of benefits over traditional brick-and-mortar constructions, with a quicker building process, a swift installation, and a lower price tag. JCPSA produces high-spec modular buildings in Sussex, building everything at our Chichester site. In addition, we sell a range of used modular buildings, carefully selected by our expert team.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller modular office, a salesroom, or a multi-storey office unit, our team can design and install a durable and attractive building, delivered across East or West Sussex. Browse our range of new and used modular buildings today, or speak to a member of our team about your needs in a modular building.

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Highly experienced modular building experts

Used and refurbished buildings for any budget

High quality new buildings produced on site

Our Range of Modular Buildings Made in West Sussex

We stock a wide range of modular buildings in Sussex, offering both new and used constructions. In addition, our skilled team can manufacture you a bespoke modular building, or you can rent a sturdy modular option through our sister site, Offsite Hire.

Explore our range of new and used modular buildings available in West Sussex today.

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Bespoke Modular Buildings

We can also produce bespoke modular buildings around your needs. Whether it’s specific dimensions, panelling, or features, our design team will work with you on a bespoke solution, built from the ground up at our Chichester site. 

Tell us what you’re looking for in a bespoke modular building today.

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Used Modular Options

JCPSA began as a seller of used modular buildings, and today we still offer a range of fantastic options. We carefully check each modular unit before sale, offering delivery and installation across Sussex.

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Our Full Range of New and Used Units

Alongside our modular buildings we stock a wider range of new and used units. We stock toilet and shower blocks, perfect for a building site or public event. We have quality portable toilets for sale. We also have a range of used storage units, specialist conversions, and access stairs. Everything we produce is made to the same exhaustive quality standards, and our customer service team is always available to help you find the right product for your needs. Whatever your needs in a portable building, we can point you towards an excellent unit.

Rent a Modular Building in Sussex

If you need a quality modular building in Sussex for a limited time, then renting one of our offices, marketing suites, or exhibition units through our sister site Offsite Hire could be the best option for you.

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Why Choose Modular?

Opting for a modular building can bring huge benefits for a variety of businesses and individuals. Modular buildings will be fully featured, suitable for year-round use and connected to mains and water. They will also last for many years when used as a permanent building. 

Unlike masonry construction it is easy to add to or move a modular building. By being made from modular units, an existing building can be amended with additional units, whether extending a room, adding additional rooms, or even adding another floor. You can also move your modular building easily, as the pieces can be separated, transported, and reinstalled.

The JCPSA Difference

Cost-effectiveness – When it comes to product quality, service, and cost-effectiveness we believe that we can compete with any other producer of modular buildings. Our new buildings are fully produced on-site in Chichester, West Sussex, including the frames. 

Design expertise – We augment our own design expertise with long-term technological investments, such as our CNC facade machine which we use to produce bespoke panelling. We believe this attention to detail pays off in buildings that will outperform the competition in terms of overall performance.

Fast, on-site assembly – By producing everything on-site, we can reduce costs while maintaining quality, savings that are passed on to our customers. Our range of quality used modular buildings further allows us to work with clients at any budget. We aim to always be friendly and straightforward with our customers, offering prompt and open help to all who need it. 

Purchase Your Modular Building Today

Perfect for office buildings, sales units, and more, our quality modular buildings are produced entirely in Sussex, and can be delivered and installed at your location. Our new and bespoke models are built with longevity in mind, benefitting from many years of design experience and cutting edge technological investments. We also stock used modular buildings, each of which is carefully checked to ensure strength and durability.
Our full range of modular buildings is sold at competitive prices. Browse our selection of new or used buildings now, or alternatively speak to a member of our team about what you need in a modular building.

New units

New units

Used units

Used units