Modular Sales Offices Delivered and Installed

Offering fully featured marketing suites that can be delivered and installed quickly at a great price, our modular sales offices are the ideal solution for a huge range of companies. JCPSA produces excellent modular buildings from the ground up, while also offering carefully selected used models at fantastic prices.

Explore our new or used modular sales offices today, or contact our team to talk through your needs.

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High-spec buildings designed and built

Dependable used sales offices

Delivery and installation options

Modular Sales Offices From JCPSA

  • Fully manufactured by us in a range of attractive designs
  • Ready for power, water, and heating
  • Optimised for strength to offer long-term performance
  • Bespoke design options
  • Delivery and installation options
  • Excellent used modular offices also available

The Benefits of Modular Buildings For Sales

A modular building is made from distinct modules that are delivered to a site and connected together. Compared to traditional masonry buildings they provide many benefits; They are quicker to build and much quicker to install, with far less disruption on site. They also cost less, while offering great strength and all the features you’d expect from a traditional building. Another clear advantage is that they can be moved, reconfigured, added to, and sold easily.

If you are looking for quality sales spaces at a great price, a modular building is the ideal choice.

Modular Offices

Our Range of Modular Sales Office Buildings

We aim to be able to offer the exact product each customer needs, with our fantastic new modular sales offices, our range of used options, and our optional bespoke design process.

Modular Offices

New Modular Sales Offices

Offering attractive, functional, and durable sales spaces, our full range of new modular sales office designs are ideal for a variety of purposes and are built by us, including their frames. Our standard designs have a 6-8 week turnaround for construction, and a quick on-site installation process.
Our team can also produce a bespoke sales office for you, customising the dimensions, look, features, and more to meet your needs. Speak to a member of our team if you don’t find the modular office you’re looking for on our site.

Modular Offices

Used Modular Sales Offices

We also offer a wide range of used modular sales offices, each of which will meet our high standards of performance. This allows us to offer the ideal sales office for all of our customers, regardless of their budget.

Modular Buildings For Rent

If you need a beautiful modular building for a limited period of time, such as for events across the summer, we also rent out buildings through our sister company, Offsite Hire. We have marketing and hospitality units, sales offices, and exhibition units available for rent at reasonable prices.

Modular Building

What Sets us Apart

We distinguish ourselves within the modular building industry through the quality of our buildings, our friendly team, and our great prices.

Emphasising Quality at Every Stage

Our new buildings are truly high-spec, with our manufacturing process ensuring high strength and long-term performance through features like polyurea roof coating, and a great look through our bespoke panelling technology. We create buildings that last for our customers, and also offer excellent used models that are carefully selected by our team.

Savings Passed On to You

Making everything ourselves ensures a streamlined and cost-effective production line, the savings from which we pass on to our customers. We believe that the offices we produce are of a higher quality than others on the market while remaining competitive in cost. Our range of used buildings and rental options further allows us to work around your budget.

Friendly and Upfront Team

We have built long-term relationships across the industry, earning stellar Trustpilot reviews. We believe in being upfront and helpful with our customers, and will always work with someone to find them the best modular building for them.

Browse Our Range of Modular Sales Office Buildings Today

Having a dedicated sales office can be crucial for many businesses, and opting for a modular construction will save you both time and money, while allowing you the freedom to change, move, or sell your building in the future. Whether you’re interested in a new modular sales office or a used model, our full range will offer dependable performance for you, giving you a comfortable, fully equipped location to do business.
Browse our modular sales offices today, with both new and used options. Alternatively, speak to a member of our team about your needs in a sales suite.

New units

New units

Used units

Used units