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Our Modular Solutions For Your Business

Customisable, compliant, and rapidly deployable construction site solutions, including modular offices, portable offices, canteens, and toilet blocks.

Flexible Building Solutions for Construction Companies

For the owners of a growing business, it’s vital to have an efficient, professional workspace. JCPSA is a leading provider of high-quality modular buildings in the UK, helping businesses across diverse industries get the extra office, sales, marketing, dining and restroom facilities they need – quickly, affordably and sustainably.

Our popular buildings include:

  • Modular Offices: Customisable modular buildings that can serve as standalone office spaces or seamless extensions to your existing workspace. Built off-site for rapid installation.
  • Marketing & Sales Units: Portable and modular buildings equipped with the features you need to effectively showcase your brand, products or services.
  • Canteens: Provide your staff with a comfortable place for breaks with our modular canteen solutions. Fully equipped kitchenette options are available.
  • Toilet Blocks: Maintain excellent hygiene standards for your customers and workforce with our high-quality portable toilet and shower blocks.

Get in touch today to discuss the right options for your requirements and budget.

Modular Offices

Our office buildings provide a versatile mobile platform to increase your brand visibility and directly engage prospective customers. Their adaptable prefab construction allows for custom layouts and features to match your business. JCPSA handles transportation and setup logistics, allowing you to focus on your sales and marketing strategy. All units include essential amenities like lighting and insulation to create an optimal sales environment.

For businesses requiring additional workspace, modular offices provide major advantages over conventional construction. Their prefabricated off-site manufacture allows for tighter quality control, less material waste, and more efficient processes than traditional methods, enabling modular offices to be more environmentally friendly. Companies can avoid disruptions by having their new office installed in weeks rather than months. Modular construction also provides agility, with the option to integrate additional modules in the future.

What You Need to Know About Modular Building Sustainability

Cost-Effective Expansion

Our modular construction process reduces material waste and enables more efficient fabrication. This makes our modular offices very competitively priced compared to traditional construction projects. We offer great value while maintaining our unwavering quality standards.

Fully Bespoke Solutions

With full customisation available, we can tailor the dimensions, layout, features and finishes of your modular office to match your specifications precisely. Our experts will work with you to understand and fulfil your needs.

Rapid Installation

On average, our modular offices can be installed on your site within 8-12 weeks – far faster than conventional construction. This enables you to gain additional workspace swiftly and with minimal disruption to operations.

Premium Construction

Your modular office from JCPSA will meet the highest standards thanks to our meticulous construction process. Our steel frames exceed building regulations, while our high-spec insulation, electrics and plumbing match traditional builds.

Marketing & Sales Units

JCPSA’s customisable modular buildings provide an agile, professional solution for businesses needing an effective space to showcase their brand and products. From portable pop-up units to large product showrooms, our marketing & sales units give you a warm, attractive space to wow your customers.

Our sales units provide a versatile mobile platform to increase your brand visibility and directly engage prospective customers. Their adaptable prefab construction allows for custom branding, layouts and features to match your offerings. JCPSA handles transportation and setup logistics, allowing you to focus on your sales and marketing strategy. All units include essential amenities like lighting, WiFi, and climate control to create an optimal sales environment.

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Affordable Mobile Spaces

Due to their modular off-site fabrication and turnkey service, our marketing buildings are very competitively priced compared to traditional structures. We can provide maximum value and flexibility to meet limited budgets.

Tailored Design

With your input, we can customise the size, layout, branding, features, and functionality of your modular building to perfectly fit your needs. Our in-house design team handles all required modifications.

Seamless Logistics

JCPSA has an experienced logistics team to seamlessly handle the transportation, delivery and setup of your sales unit. We work to minimise disruptions to your operations.

Built to Last

Constructed from robust materials using proven engineering techniques, our modular sales buildings are made to withstand frequent transportation and heavy usage. We build everything from the ground up, including the frames, to create durable and long-lasting units.


Provide your staff with a comfortable, fully-equipped space for breaks with JCPSA’s modular canteen solutions. Our customisable canteens are an efficient way to add a dedicated dining area tailored to your business needs and brand image.

JCPSA’s modular canteens enable you to quickly add a canteen space right where you need it. The units come with electrical, plumbing, climate control and lighting already installed for a turnkey dining area. Fully equipped kitchenettes with appliances are also available. Quality construction paired with rapid installation gives your staff a comfortable, durable canteen facility.

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Optimised Floorplans

We can create compact optimised floorplans so your modular canteen unit fits into tight or awkward spaces. Multi-level units and creative layouts maximise available area.

Cost-Effective Dining

Prefabrication in our factory followed by rapid on-site assembly means modular canteens are more affordable than conventional builds.

Bespoke Customisation

We’ll work with you to understand your unique canteen requirements, with our design team customising the dimensions, layout, features, and finishes to match your needs.

Adherence to Regulations

Your JCPSA modular canteen will meet all necessary health and safety regulations. We handle the entire compliance process for a hassle-free experience.

Portable Toilets

JCPSA’s high-quality portable toilet and shower blocks are the ideal solution for businesses needing temporary or permanent hygienic facilities on their premises. With robust construction and easy maintenance, our blocks provide convenience while adhering to all regulations.

Our toilet blocks are quick and easy to deliver and install at your location to provide essential restroom facilities. They come equipped with all sanitary ware, fixtures and water supply. Robust materials and construction allow them to withstand heavy daily usage. We utilise durable plastics that resist vandalism while remaining easy to clean, delivering essential hygiene and convenience.

8ft X 6ft Toilet Option 1 2

Compact Designs

We optimise the floorplans of our toilet blocks to minimise their footprint, ensuring comfortable facilities that cater to the numbers you need within your specific dimensions.

Sanitary Design

Our toilet blocks incorporate robust sanitaryware built from durable and easy-to-clean materials. Good airflow and ventilation prevent odours.

Adhering to Regulations

JCPSA handles all aspects of regulatory compliance, from planning permission to building regulations. We ensure your toilet block meets all necessary health, safety and environmental requirements.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The prefabricated steel frames and composite external panels of our toilet blocks are highly robust and vandal-resistant. Intelligently designed, they withstand heavy usage over years of operation.

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Great service – managed to get what I needed on time and to the specification that I required. They were very responsive and friendly. Hope to do business with you again in the future!

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Invest in Your Business With a Modular Solution

JCPSA’s modular buildings provide growing businesses with the essential facilities they need to grow their operations efficiently. With their adaptability, rapid installation, and focus on quality, our modular offices, sales units, canteens and toilet blocks enable you to scale up your company effectively. Invest in your business today with a high-quality modular building from our team.

Get in touch now to discuss your needs and we can work on the ideal modular solution to drive your business forward.

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