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Because your career matters to you, it matters to us. We offer you attractive benefits – including a supportive working environment, a great team, a company culture that lets you thrive.

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JCPSA Ltd - Role - Fabricator - Welder

Fabricator (Welder)


JCPSA Ltd is seeking a proficient Welder / Fabricator to join our esteemed modular building manufacturing facility.

JCPSA Ltd - Role - Multi Skilled Tradesman (Handyman)

Multi Skilled Tradesman (Handyman)


We are looking for Multi Skilled Tradesman / Handyman to join our modular building manufacturing team at our facilities.


Electrician (Welder)


JCPSA Ltd is seeking a Electrician (Assistant) to join our esteemed modular building manufacturing facility.

Why are we so good at what we do?

Established in 2011, JCPSA has more than 10 years of valuable experience in the industry. In this time, we have continuously adapted and innovated our materials and methods to ensure we are always one step ahead with the design, durability and longevity of our buildings.

Our on site team boasts professionals across each sector, from design to construction.

We have our own exclusive range

We now offer an exclusive range that is designed to ensure every inch of space is utilised effectively. We only use quality products and can work to your specifications. We can also modify existing units or create bespoke solutions for you.

How and where do we operate?

Some products we make to order, others will be delivered as quickly as we can get them to you. We will always keep you informed.

We only work with trusted companies who share our values and professionalism. They and our reliable installers will ensure secure, swift, and safe delivery and installation.

We are based in Chichester, West Sussex, but we supply to the whole of the UK and Europe. You can check out our range online or come and visit us at our depot.

Tell us what you need, and we will help you find it.

  • Our focus
  • Our values
  • Innovation

•We aim to provide workspaces that are comfortable and perfectly suited to your needs, fit for purpose, long lasting, cost effective, and ‘future proof’.

•We aim to have a minimal environmental impact.

•We aim to work with full transparency and foster strong relationships with our clients.

•We believe in working with clients and for clients.

•Our attitude, services, and solutions are designed to deal with our customers’ challenges efficiently and effectively – so clients can focus on their business priorities.

•Client needs are unique and our units are customisable, so we work to client requirements.

•We believe in creating long-lasting, environmentally friendly, modular workspaces that you can adapt as your circumstances change.

•From humble beginnings as a renovator and reseller of used portable and modular buildings JSPCA has become a leading supplier of next-generation workspaces.

•We continuously look for new ways to create self-sufficient, comfortable, affordable, and highly adaptable spaces.

Our mission is simple and impactful:

To deliver highly specialised, self-sufficient, next-generation modular workspaces with minimal environmental impact and exceptional customer service

Our business is more than just a place of work. We support our teammates in all aspects of their lives, and we aim to bring that sense of trust, cooperation, and reliability to our customers and their workplaces too.

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Paul – CEO of JCPSA

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