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Modular Consultation Rooms

Offering a top-of-the-line healthcare environment tuned to your professional needs, our team will work with you on a durable, comfortable, and fully featured consultation room for your surgery or hospital. We utilise a swift modular building system to construct your bespoke building from the ground up at our Chichester site, delivering and installing it for you across the UK.

Designed specifically for permanent medical usage, all JCPSA buildings are bright, hygienic, and tailored for easy disinfection. Our team will work with you, whether selecting from a range of standardised sizes or a bespoke layout to meet your needs. We also offer a range of fittings, allowing us to fully equip your building for immediate use should you require it.

Contact us today with your needs in a healthcare building, and we can offer you an upfront quote.

A Health Care Building Fitted to Your Needs

Surgeries and hospitals across the UK have a need for high-quality additional spaces, for everything from consultation to dentistry. We purpose build each unit for the healthcare industry, suitable for health consultations, assessments, and non-invasive treatments. This can help you to extend your space rather than split your team across separate sites, adding a permanent, comfortable, and attractive environment. While we can work with clients on a bespoke design and build, we also offer several standardised sizes:

Health Care Facilities Unit 3 And 4 3 1

When working with JCPSA, you’ll be able to choose from a range of three fitting levels, with each building sharing the same high-end exterior.

Our buildings are designed to be bright, welcoming, and pleasant for both patients and your team of healthcare professionals. Each room will be hygienic and easy to disinfect.

The Benefits of Our Modular Consultation Rooms

Offering the strength, looks, and function of a bricks-and-mortar building, with a range of unique benefits, our modular consultation rooms are the perfect choice for any medical team looking for additional space.

Built From the Ground Up For Medical Use

Unlike other modular building manufacturers, our consultation rooms are designed and built from the ground up for medical use. From our Chichester site, we’ll construct frames, produce bespoke panelling, and install features like hygienic walls. 

Your permanent building will be both a clean, clinical space for patients and a comfortable working environment for your staff. By handling all aspects of production ourselves, we can ensure the consistent levels of quality our customers expect and also make a large number of adjustments throughout to meet their specific needs.

Fast Turnaround

Compared to masonry construction, modular buildings have a considerably quicker turnaround. We can offer an 8-12 week turnaround on our standard build options, with our team able to deliver and install at your site.

Alter, Expand, and Sell: Your Options

Another key benefit of modular buildings is easy reconfiguration. Our buildings can be easily altered and expanded, allowing your consultation room to grow as your surgery does. Their modular design also means that they can be transported, whether moving them to a different site or selling them to another medical provider.

Working With JCPSA

The JCPSA team has decades of experience in the modular industry, producing exceptional buildings from our Chichester site. Our team prioritises fantastic customer service, with an upfront, honest approach that has earned us loyal customers across a range of industries, shown through our consistent online feedback

Throughout the design, manufacture, and installation of your consultation room, you’ll be dealing with our team directly, ensuring a simple, hassle-free process to get you the space you need.

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Example Healthcare Units

Health Care Utilities – Unit 1 with a singular examination room

Health Care Facilities – Unit 2 with a singular examination room and a reception room

Health Care Facilities – Unit 3 with a double examination room and a reception room.

Health Care Facilities – Unit 4 with 6 examination room and a reception room

New units

New units

Used units

Used units