Modular Canteen Buildings For Sale

JCPSA produces high-spec modular canteens that can be delivered and installed across the UK. Our range prioritises durability and usability, with decades of performance in mind, and a range of bespoke design options if needed. We also offer a range of sturdy used canteens letting us work with customers at all budgets. Our full range will be delivered and installed by our friendly team.

A modular building contains everything you could expect from a traditional brick building, with a considerably faster building process and a finished product that can be easily altered or moved. This makes them a great choice for constructing a canteen, whether on a building site, campsite, or more.

Browse our new or used modular canteens today, or speak to a member of our team about what you’re looking for.

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Highly experienced modular building experts

Used and refurbished buildings for any budget

High quality new buildings produced on site

A Modular Canteen From JCPSA

  • Modular canteens built from the ground up to emphasise quality and durability
  • High-spec design with solid frames and precision cut panelling
  • Cost-effective upfront pricing
  • Prepared for cooking and plumbing
  • Delivered and installed across the UK by our team
  • Bespoke designs available
  • High-quality used modular canteens also available

The Benefits of Opting For a Modular Canteen

A modular canteen can offer the functionality of a permanent brick building with a selection of additional benefits. Your modular canteen unit will be fully connected to electricity, heat, and plumbing, creating a comfortable area for employees.

As modular buildings are produced off-site and delivered in pieces, the building process will be quicker than masonry construction and will require far less disruption on-site. By connecting modular pieces together, larger dining areas and whole buildings can be produced. 

A huge benefit of opting for a modular canteen building is that you can add to or move the finished building with ease. Building an extension for a brick canteen is a costly and time-consuming process, but the modular design process means that elements can be added at a later time with considerably less fuss. It also means that your building can be moved in its entirety, whether you are looking to relocate it to another area of your site or to sell it on.

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Choosing JCPSA

We believe there are a few key reasons to choose JCPSA for your modular canteen, with our product quality, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing setting us apart.

Modular Canteens Built From the Ground Up

Unlike many of our competitors, our new modular canteens are wholly produced by us, including the frames. By manufacturing everything at our Chichester site we are able to take an uncompromising approach to quality, especially when it comes to the lifespan of our buildings. 

We aim for our modular buildings to offer decades of performance, combining honed design knowledge with technological investments, such as our CNC facade machine which produces bespoke panelling. Our new buildings are typically built within 6-8 weeks.

If you have specific needs in a modular canteen, either in terms of sizing or in terms of functionality, such as anti-vandal paint, speak to a member of our team about a bespoke project. We also offer a range of quality used buildings, with our decades of experience selling used modular buildings allowing us to ensure long-term durability at a great price. 

In addition, we refurbish select used buildings, offering a great look at a reduced price.

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Competitive Prices

Building everything on-site allows us to streamline our processes and cut out the middleman. These savings are passed directly on to you, with high-spec modular units offered at competitive prices. Offering quality used and refurbished units allows us to work with all customers regardless of their budget. 

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Friendly and Upfront Customer Service

We believe in being honest with our customers, and helping them to find the product that’s right for them. Our glowing Trustpilot reviews showcase how being clear with our customers and engaging with them pays off. We go above and beyond whenever possible, offering advice and product recommendations tailored to each customer in a prompt and friendly manner.

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Explore Our Range of Modular Canteen Buildings

The perfect option for a variety of industries and locations, you’ll find both new and used modular canteens for sale through our website. We aim to reach the highest levels of quality, with a from-the-ground-up manufacturing process to ensure strength. We also stock carefully selected used options at great prices.

All of these can be delivered and installed across the UK by our team.

Explore our range of new and used modular canteens today, or talk to a member of our team about what you’re looking for.

New units

New units

Used units

Used units