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High-Spec Modular Construction Solutions

Customisable, compliant, and rapidly deployable construction site solutions, including modular offices, portable offices, canteens, and toilet blocks.

Flexible Building Solutions for Construction Companies

Construction sites require practical, cost-effective solutions for temporary offices, dining facilities, and sanitation needs. With tight budgets, limited space, and short timelines, you need rapidly deployable buildings that are durable, customisable, and regulatory compliant.

Within our wide range of buildings, we offer:

  • Modular Offices: Cost-effective, flexible workspaces that are quick to set up and meet regulatory standards.
  • Portable Offices: Compact, relocatable units with fast installation and robust builds.
  • Canteens: Spacious dining halls with integrated kitchens for convenient on-site meals.
  • Toilet Blocks: Scalable sanitation facilities that are easily transportable and hygienic.

Contact our team today to discuss how we can deliver practical, customised solutions for your next construction project.

Modular Offices

Our modular offices provide construction firms with adaptable and budget-friendly workspaces. Built offsite by us, these units offer rapid deployment with fully fitted interiors, quality fixtures, and custom layouts. Our design expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create durable yet flexible modular buildings that meet the unique needs of your site. With rapid turnaround times, compliance with regulations, and cost-effective pricing, our modular offices keep your project on time and on budget.

What You Need to Know About Modular Building Sustainability

Space Efficient

Our modular units can be custom-built to maximise usable space even in the smallest areas. We can optimise layouts and select compact fixtures to accommodate offices on tight sites.

Increased Mobility

Once your project is completed, our modular offices can be easily dismantled and relocated as needed. Their portable design allows you to adapt to changing workload locations.

Rapid Deployment

With fast manufacturing, our modular offices are installed swiftly to minimise downtime. You can have a fully functional workspace within days, avoiding project delays.

Cost Savings

Our modular construction methods increase cost efficiency. By meeting your precise requirements, we avoid any unnecessary features to keep expenses low.


Our modular offices adhere to all structural, electrical, and fire safety regulations. We handle all permitting and paperwork for a turnkey regulatory-compliant solution.

Portable Offices

JCPSA’s portable offices provide construction firms with flexible and convenient on-site workspaces. Our portable buildings are completely self-contained units, assembled off-site by us for rapid delivery. Designed for easy transport and quick installation, these relocatable offices optimise your limited site space. Their durable steel construction withstands tough site conditions while customised interiors with options like partitions and storage allow you to tailor the space to your needs. Our portable offices keep crews connected and projects progressing efficiently.

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Maximising Space

With compact footprints, our portable offices maximise your usable area. We can recommend optimised layouts for smaller sites.

Customisable and Adaptable

Although portable, our units can be customised with partitions, shelving, sinks, and more to fit your workspace needs. We help tailor the office to your specifications.

Rapid Turnkey Setup

Our portable offices ship fully assembled for immediate use on delivery. You can rapidly set up a functional office as soon as possible.

Built for Harsh Conditions

Our portable offices are constructed from robust materials like weatherproof steel to withstand tough site conditions. We use only durable fixtures rated for high-traffic use.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting the latest safety regulations, our offices provide required egress, electrical, and emergency features in a code-compliant package.


Our modular canteens provide your construction crews with a convenient, comfortable place to get away from the elements and refuel onsite. These spacious units come fully fitted with kitchen equipment to prepare meals for your team daily. We’ll work closely with you to customise the canteen to match your crew size, food needs, and layout preferences. With rapid installation methods, durable builds, and a focus on regulatory compliance, our canteens boost morale and maximise productivity by giving workers an ideal place to rest and reconnect during the workday.

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Maximising Every Square Foot

We can engineer canteens to fit small site footprints through compact or multi-story designs that maximise your available area.


By aligning the canteen features and layout precisely to your needs and budget, we’ll ensure you get the building you need at a price you’re happy with.

Built for Your Team’s Needs

We work closely with you to create tailored canteen designs that meet your specific layout, equipment, and menu needs.

Quick, Certified Installs

Our canteens are prefabricated for rapid deployment that adheres to food safety and fire regulations right out of the box.

Hassle-Free Delivery

We handle the manufacture, delivery, and setup of your canteen as a complete turnkey solution, for a great upfront price.

Portable Toilets

Our portable toilet blocks provide construction sites with practical, hygienic sanitation facilities for workers. These easily transportable units scale to meet the capacity needs of your crew size. We handle delivery and rapid setup on-site to have the units operational in no time. The toilet blocks offer essential features like ventilation, hand wash stations, and waste storage in a durable portable package. By providing proper sanitation, our toilet blocks contribute to worker health, safety, and productivity on demanding construction sites.

Toilet / Shower units

Fit Tight Spaces

With compact and stackable options, our toilet blocks are designed to maximise even the smallest spaces.

Dependably Hygienic

We use anti-microbial surfaces and high-power ventilation systems to maintain sanitary conditions and avoid unpleasant odours.

Regulatory Compliance

Our toilet blocks comply with all health and safety regulations right out of the box for a code-compliant sanitation solution.

Durable Builds

Constructed from durable plastics and metals, our toilet blocks withstand rough handling, weather, and heavy site usage.

Swift & Seamless Deployment

With on-demand delivery, our portable toilets can be dispatched and installed in minimal time to avoid project delays.

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Great service – managed to get what I needed on time and to the specification that I required. They were very responsive and friendly. Hope to do business with you again in the future!

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Get the On-Site Buildings You Need

At JCPSA, we make it simple to get the right modular buildings tailored to your construction site’s unique requirements. With rapid delivery, easy installation, and robust builds, our offices, canteens, and toilets enable your crews to perform at their best. Don’t waste time and money trying to build makeshift site accommodations.

Contact us today to discuss your needs – our team is ready to deliver the perfect construction site buildings for you.

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