Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings: New, Used and Bespoke

Constructing a traditional masonry building is a costly and time-consuming process, leaving an end product that will be extremely difficult to alter or relocate.

Whether you are looking for a construction site office, a showroom, or a hospitality suite, investing in a modular building will be a fantastic alternative, offering all the features and benefits of a traditional building, combined with a swift installation process, and a flexible design that can be moved, reconfigured or added to with ease.

The exterior of a modular building with wooden panelling

Highly experienced modular building experts

Used and refurbished buildings for any budget

High quality new buildings produced on site

New, Used, and Bespoke Modular Buildings

JCPSA offers new and used modular buildings in the UK, with customisable designs. Our new buildings are of exceptional quality, providing excellent strength and durability due to our stringent quality control and technological investments. Our used and refurbished units offer various high-quality spaces for businesses, from small sales units to multilevel offices. We prioritise quality, customer service, and competitive pricing, on our whole range.

Modular units

Our Range of Prefabricated Modular Buildings

JCPSA offers a diverse range of modular buildings, including high-spec new units and quality used options, to meet various needs and budgets. We also specialise in producing bespoke designs, working closely with clients to create their ideal structures.

The inside of a modular office building

New Modular Buildings

We sell a range of new modular buildings, produced entirely on-site by our skilled team. Whether your company is looking for a small or large office, a sales suite, or a hospitality unit, our range can be produced with a 6-8 week turnaround, with options for our team to deliver and install your new building across the UK. 

From a smaller two-bay office to a larger salesroom, all of our products benefit from our high levels of quality, with sturdy frames, powerful insulation, and all of the features that could be expected from a modern building. Investing in a modular building for your company can bring clear benefits over time, allowing you to connect additional units or use them as relocatable buildings.

The inside of an empty modular building

Used Modular Buildings For Sale

Alongside our new range, we also offer quality used modular units for sale, with classrooms, canteens, sales suites and offices available. We stock both refurbished and standard options, allowing us to cater to a range of budgets whilst still offering sturdy, multipurpose units. We have been selling used prefabricated buildings for over a decade, giving upfront advice about the condition of each unit to help our customers make an informed purchasing decision.

An on-site modular building

Bespoke Modular Buildings

We produce excellent bespoke buildings, working with our customers on a detailed design that meets all of their needs. As we fully manufacture our buildings on-site, our team can ensure a thorough level of quality across our custom models. If you have specific needs in a modular building that aren’t covered by our range of new builds, contact our team with your needs and we can begin work on a bespoke design for you.

A dark blue modular building

The Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular buildings provide high-quality, versatile spaces that can be rapidly installed using an off-site construction method, minimising disruption. These buildings are made of prefabricated panels, allowing for quick on-site assembly and saving time compared to traditional masonry construction. They are suitable for various purposes, such as hospitality areas, marketing suites, and building site offices, offering all the essential features like power, water, and insulation but with significantly faster installation.

Modular buildings are also cost-effective, with a range of options for both new and used buildings to suit any budget. Another benefit of the structure is its portability, allowing a building to be easily reconfigured, or moved to a new location. There will be a range of design and style options available, each boasting strength and durability for long-term performance.

Why Choose JCPSA?

JCPSA are modular building specialists, offering quality used models and producing our own high specification units, focusing on a high level of quality throughout. Our team are also friendly and upfront, giving honest advice and recommendations to each customer. 

A used white and blue modular building

Industry-Leading Manufacturers

Unlike many of our competitors, we produce every aspect of our new and bespoke buildings on-site, including the frames. Our years of experience selling used and refurbished buildings gave us a clear idea of what makes an excellent building. 

Since we began producing our own buildings, we have made substantial investments in technology, such as buying a CNC aluminium composite processing machine to create beautiful and sturdy bespoke panelling and offering polyurea roof spray coating, designed to provide long-term performance. We also prioritise safety within all of our buildings, showcased by our CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety) accreditation. 

Our design expertise, skilled team, and technological investments allow us to produce modular buildings at a superior level of quality, while still maintaining a competitive price point.

Unbeatable Service

Excellent customer service is at the core of our company ethos. Whether visiting our site in Chichester or speaking with a member of our team online, we pride ourselves on our honesty and friendliness. We truly understand the excellent range of products we sell, allowing us to work with you to find the perfect modular building for your needs and your budget. 

This approach has earned us the trust and loyalty of our customers, as demonstrated by our stellar Trustpilot reviews. When you work with JCPSA our team can handle the entire process from supplying, delivering and installing your building to ensure long-term performance.

A green used modular building
A new modular building on-site

Competitive Prices

Our on-site production process allows us to retain a competitive price point for our new modular buildings despite their superior quality. Selling a range of used buildings further allows us to cater to the varying budgets of our customers. In addition, we have a financing scheme available for new and used buildings, helping to make our buildings a viable investment for any customer.

Modular office building with blue and white panelling

Find Your Modular Building Today

No matter your requirements for a modular building, whether it’s an office space, salesroom, or hospitality area, we can deliver the perfect solution. Our ranges of new and used buildings cater to all needs and budgets, with our new buildings manufactured on-site, integrating state-of-the-art technology and expert design.

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New units

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