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Stay Mobile with Our Modular Site Offices

We offer high-quality, versatile construction site offices, available in standard or custom designs, allowing for easy adaptation, expansion, or resale to suit your requirements.

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The Need For a Mobile Solution Across Building Sites

Balancing the need for quality office space with the temporary nature of construction sites can be a real challenge for construction companies across the UK. Whether a project lasts 6 weeks or 6 months, your team needs a dedicated space for work and rest. Many companies will rely on rental models or substandard existing modular solutions, leading to added costs and poor working conditions. 

Standard modular buildings have earned a reputation across the construction industry for being cold, unpleasant, and short-lived, which is far from ideal for a dynamic and mobile industry like construction. They may also lack the strength needed to be transported from site to site over time.

JCPSA understands the critical need for flexible office space solutions that can adapt to the mobile nature of your business, offering a tailored and high-quality solution.

Our Strength Optimised Modular Offices

Our modular office buildings are meticulously designed to provide construction professionals with an attractive, comfortable working space that meets their needs. They are strength-optimised for easy transport, designed to offer high-end performance for many years.

We understand that your office space requirements extend beyond temporary structures. That’s why our modular offices are built to offer long-term usability, with every unit produced from the ground up at our Chichester site, including all frames, ensuring an exacting level of quality.

Whether you require additional space, want to reconfigure your layout, or need to relocate to a new site, our modular units can be easily expanded, modified, or moved. They offer the flexibility to grow alongside your business and adapt to changing project requirements.

Our modular offices also retain their value over time, so if your needs change or you no longer require a particular unit, it can be sold on to another construction company.

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Amazing service throughout! If you are looking for a container converted these are your guys. Speedy and reliable would definitely recommend.


Some of Our Range

We offer a range of standard designs through our website that our team can produce, deliver, and install for you with a fast turnaround.

We can also produce bespoke designs for our customers. Contact a member of our team today to talk through what you need in a mobile site office.

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New Modular Buildings

We create top-notch bespoke buildings in close partnership with construction companies. Our on-site manufacturing ensures quality control for custom models. If your needs aren’t met by our standard offerings, contact us for a tailored solution.

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Used Modular Buildings For Sale

For construction companies, we offer quality used modular units, including various options such as canteens and offices. With over a decade of experience, we provide upfront assessments for informed purchasing.

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Get Started Today

Our excellent modular office buildings provide the perfect solution for construction professionals on the move. With the flexibility to be easily transported between sites, they offer a rigorous and adaptable workspace wherever your projects take you. 

You’ll receive a mobile office that meets all your needs, from durability and comfort to functionality and looks. Optimised for industry-leading strength, your modular office can be altered, expanded, moved and sold to meet your changing needs across its extended lifespan. 

Explore our range of standard models now or contact us to find out more or learn about our bespoke design service.

New units

New units

Used units

Used units