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Rapid Delivery and Installation of Durable Portable Offices

JCPSA offers rapid delivery and installation of durable portable offices, providing construction companies with adaptable, quick-to-setup office spaces that help meet tight project deadlines.

Time-Efficient Installation with JCPSA

JCPSA’s portable offices provide construction companies with optimised, quick-to-setup office spaces, helping you meet all time constraints. We offer a fully functioning office ready in weeks rather than months, with our portable cabins allowing for fast installation and immediate use. With optimised design and manufacturing, we construct from the ground up off-site and deliver within 6-8 weeks. 

Explore our new and used portable offices today to get a quality portable office delivered and installed in just weeks.

Ensuring Fast Turnarounds From Every Portable Office

We work with construction professionals across the UK, constructing and delivering excellent portable offices to their building sites. We build everything ourselves, including frames, optimising for great strength and performance, and delivering a range of time savings to you.

What You Need to Know About Modular Building Sustainability

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Super Fast Delivery & Installation

We manufacture portable offices with construction site needs in mind. Our optimised design and construction process allows for rapid delivery and setup to meet tight project deadlines. We ship our portable offices in as little as 6-8 weeks ensuring you can stay on time. Designed around quick installation, our portable offices are delivered as single units ready for use.

Start Work Immediately With Turnkey Services

JCPSA’s portable offices give construction firms the adaptive, rapidly installed workspaces their fast-paced projects require. The sturdy steel frame and insulated composite panels are fully assembled at our Chichester site and delivered ready for easy installation. With preinstalled electrics and the option for plumbing, heat, and air conditioning, the office space is operational immediately after delivery.


Modular Building

Mobility Means No More Delays

JCPSA’s portable offices allow fast repositioning to adapt through all project phases, giving construction firms responsive, movable workspaces their dynamic projects require. Forklift-compatible bases ensure quick and easy transports around the site as needs change. With rapid relocation, portable offices avoid layout conflicts as projects progress. Whether looking to reposition within one site, or move it to another, your office can be simply moved, with the strength for years of use across many sites.

Tough Enough for the Toughest Jobsites

Designed and built to withstand your toughest projects, our offices outlast temporary solutions. The sturdy steel frame and insulated composite wall panels are highly durable, with seamless polyurea roof coatings providing leak-proof protection. With heavy-duty ramps for equipment access and stone guard wall panels, our portable offices will withstand knocks and bumps, giving you peace of mind and letting you focus on your work.

20ft X 24ft Brand New 2 Bay Modular Building Sales Office Shop Hospitality Unit

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Cost-Effective and On Schedule

Our portable offices deliver cost savings through our turnkey service, with our team delivering products that outperform the competition at cost-effective prices. Designed for years of regular use, our offices are an investment for your company, ensuring a quality space for teams to work or relax across many jobs to come.

Bespoke Design, Bespoke Speed

JCPSA can also construct custom portable offices to your specifications, allowing our buildings to integrate seamlessly into your worksite plans. With in-house design and manufacturing, we can maintain our rapid construction timelines across bespoke projects. Whatever your specific requirements, JCPSA’s tailored approach delivers the ideal solution through an efficient design-build process, delivered and installed on your site.

modular building

modular building

Built to Last

Designed and manufactured in-house for consistent quality control, our portable buildings meet construction challenges while conveying professionalism to clients, partners and inspectors. From resilient steel framing to insulated thermopane windows, we use premium materials that maintain integrity and appearance over years of use.

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Nathan and the team were excellent from start to finish. Very professional and easy to deal with. Excellent customer service. Great haulage team. I would highly recommend them.

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Get Your Project’s Office Up and Running

With tight construction timelines, delays equate to lost revenue. Partner with JCPSA today and get your portable office in weeks, not months. We’ll tailor your portable office to match your specifications so work can begin immediately. Our expert portable construction provides adaptable and professional workspaces that keep your job on track. Start saving time today by filling out our request form below.

New units

New units

Used units

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