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Keep Business Moving With a Modular Office

Achieve business growth and flexibility with JCPSA’s modular offices, offering cost-effective, relocatable solutions tailored to your needs and backed by a streamlined, turnkey process.

Easy Relocation with JCPSA’s Modular Offices

As a developing business, you may be expecting your company to grow in the coming years, perhaps even needing to relocate in order to tap into fresh markets or capitalise on business opportunities. JCPSA’s modular office buildings provide a flexible, cost-effective solution for SMEs looking for high-quality workspace.

Our precision-crafted modular buildings can be established at any site and then relocated to meet your needs, equipping businesses with the agility to swiftly and effectively expand into fresh markets. Each unit is delivered and installed by our professional team quickly and efficiently so that you can get your business up and running as soon as possible. Everything is made possible by our friendly and upfront team, who’ll work with you to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

Could a Fixed Office Space Be Holding You Back?

A smaller company’s ability to adapt swiftly to changing business needs can be severely limited by an inflexible office space. The up-front capital expenditure for purchasing a fixed location can deplete a significant portion of your funds, limiting the availability of resources for other important business needs. Long-term leases, if opted for instead of a purchase, often come with strict terms and high penalties for early termination, posing potential financial risks and limiting your flexibility.

Additionally, the fixed nature of a single location offers little room for scalability and adaptability as your business evolves. Maintenance and renovation costs for these buildings can also be high and unpredictable, affecting your budget and financial planning. In a dynamic business environment, the need to relocate due to market changes or business expansion can lead to substantial disruption and additional expenses for your company.


Working With JCPSA

Choosing JCPSA means a stress-free experience, tailored designs, superior manufacturing standards, and streamlined delivery and installation.

When you work with JCPSA, we offer a seamless process complete with full turnkey service:


Design Process

Modular buildings can be installed much faster than traditional construction, some in as little as a few weeks. JCPSA offer fast turnarounds, alongside delivery and installation services.

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Expert Manufacturing

The modular build process means offices can be reconfigured or expanded more easily as needs change. They can even be relocated or resold should your needs change.


Delivery and Installation

Modules are constructed offsite in a controlled factory setting to exacting standards, ensuring consistent high quality.

What You Need to Know About Modular Building Sustainability

Our High-Spec, Relocatable Modular Offices

Empower your business to meet changing needs head-on through a bespoke modular office solution, offering the function and durability you’d expect from a standard brick-and-mortar building, while also built around expansion and transportation. Whether you’re in need of a construction office, a compact sales office, or a two-storey unit equipped with bathrooms and a canteen, JCPSA has a premium solution available.

Our modular buildings can be relocated within your existing site or to a completely different location. They come equipped with essential amenities, including power, heating, and toilet facilities, ensuring they meet all the standard office requirements and more. With a range of  standard designs and bespoke tailoring, our modular buildings are entirely manufactured off-site, transported either as a whole or as units, and set up at your site, offering a swift, cost-effective and non-disruptive process.

Highly scalable, our buildings allow your company to adapt to changing space requirements as you grow.

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Amazing service throughout! If you are looking for a container converted these are your guys. Speedy and reliable would definitely recommend.

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Portable Offices at Competitive Prices

Revolutionise your business with a modular office solution that gives you exceptional adaptability, growth potential, and functionality, all at a competitive price. Our friendly team will collaborate with you to devise the perfect portable solution that suits your budget, handling everything from design to installation. With our expertise and seamless process, you can concentrate on your core business operations while we shape the ideal office space for you.

Get in touch with a member of our expert team now to discuss your needs in a modular office.

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